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Photo uploading rules Rules

Photos posted on this website has to match these requirements:

  • has to be good quality (not too dark, not too light, not cut out, etc.);
  • not overloaded with graphic effects (small rim and/or small decorate are allowed);
  • your face or at least bigger part of it has to be visible (sun glasses and/or similar things can be treated as covering the face);
  • cannot be misappropriated from other persons;
  • alcohol drinks (containers) cannot be demonstrated in the photo, that is also includes tobacco products, drugs, indecent (pornographic) or insulting content, weapons, etc.;
  • advertisement elements are forbidden (the logo of another website, etc.);
  • Your face has to be visible in the mini photo;
  • photo must match profile information;
  • comment of the photo must comply with website rules.

If the photo does not meet one or more of the requirements, after verification, administration will reject it as inappropriate. Specific reason for rejection is provided in every rejected photo. Ignoring these rules and repetitive inappropriate photo uploads can lead to blocking photo upload service without prior notice.

If photos are stolen administration has a wright to remove them and block a person from using the website.

Photos, those does not match requirements can be put to the album, that does not have restrictions for the photo content.

Erotic content

Erotic content is allowed. Administration has a right to decide if the photos are not beyond the limits of decency. Demonstration of genitals is strictly forbidden. Profiles with erotic content photos are marked for adults (N-18).